ROUTE-66 Americas Mother Road


Described as the ultimate all-American road trip, Route 66 is fondly known as the Mother Road. Spanning 2,448 miles (3,940 km) through eight states, from Chicago, Illinois, across to Santa Monica, California. Large portions of the route have now been decommissioned and bypassed by the busy interstate, and it was officially removed from the U.S. highway system back in 1985.

My favourite part of Route-66 is in Arizona, Oatman (AZ), Kingman, Hackberry, Peach Springs, and Seligman. Here you can take a step back in time riding mostly on the original old Mother Road without having to detour off onto the interstate I-40. 

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The original 66 runs parallel to I-55 in places and through the little towns of Joliet, and Pontiac, which features many large wall murals throughout the town. On through Lincoln, with its 24-foot-high wagon with Abe Lincoln in the seat, and into the capital of Illinois, Springfield. Along the way you will get a glimpse of time gone by, as you pass through once prosperous towns, with old-time diners, service stations, and small family-run motels.  

St. Louis,  is home to some of the country’s best beers, blues, and ribs, and no trip through here is complete without a tour of the St Louis Budweiser brewery. They also run tours of the historic stables that were built in 1885 and home to the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales.

The historic Chain of Rocks Bridge lies just off the I-270 near Route 66 in St. Louis.


Seligman to Oatman, Arizona is one of my favourite stretches of Route 66. 

If you only have the time to see a small portion of Route 66, then this is the place to head to. The townsfolk of Seligman are dedicated to keeping the spirit of Route 66 alive, with many quirky shops and museums filled with Mother Road history. Often the sides of the road are lined with vintage cars and motorcycles parked out front of the many retro-style stores.

Make sure you drop into Delgadillo’s Snow Cap for one of their world-famous burgers (claimed to be the best). You can choose a selection of burgers from the menu, including “cheeseburger with cheese” or “dead chicken burger.”This quirky looking eatery has been dishing up food for travelers on the Mother Road since 1953 and is certainly full of character. If burgers are not your style, then you could drop into the Road Kill Café, with their slogan of “you kill it, we grill it”. 

Delgadillo’s Snow Cap