These were once prosperous homes

historic towns

Traveling through America you will discover many historic towns, many that lie abandoned after the gold and silver ran dry over one hundred years ago. Old homes are all that remain, giving you an insight into what would of been prosperous times.

Virginia and nevada city, montana

The historic Nevada City and Virginia City lie within a mile of each other in what was a prosperous and lawless mining area known as Alder Gulch.

At the turn of the twentieth century many of the shopkeepers closed their doors and walked away from homes and businesses. 

Cody, Wyoming

Cody is reminiscent of a time when cowboys and Indians roamed the lands. Made famous by that Wild West showman Buffalo Bill Cody.

The Buffalo Bill Center  houses many different museums.

Head to the historic Irma Hotel and view the large cherrywood bar that was gifted to Bill in 1906 by Queen Victoria.

Castle Town, Montana

Be prepared for some rough dirt road. This is probably best done with an off road buggy. We didn’t realise it was so isolated and rough, but managed to get the baggers there and back, with only one broken coffee mug.

Well worth a visit.

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