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Riding the BEARTOOTH

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Beartooth Pass

Million Dollar Highway


Tail of the Dragon

America has many great roads to travel along, and the following are a few of my favourites. Many of these roads sit high on the list of the “greatest roads to ride in America”.

Beartooth highway

This notorious pass is 3,337 m (10,947 feet) high and is one of the most rugged areas of the northern Rockies, with many peaks reaching over 3,657 m (12,000 feet).

Beartooth Pass is a 110km (68 mile) stretch of US 212 leading from Red Lodge, Montana, across into Wyoming, then back into Montana as the approach the north-east entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

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Million Dollar highway

Mountain ranges, twisty roads and no guard rails will have you hugging the centre line on this one.

Eagles Nest Leathers

Worlds highest Harley-Davidson

Americas Lonliest Road, Nevada

Highway 50 through Nevada. From Carson City, through the historic mining towns of Austin, Eureka, and Ely. Long straight stretches with a few good mountain ranges thrown in.

Best time to ride is in the cooler months of May–July.

National Geographic, Americas loneliest road

Northern Railway museum

Going-to-the-sun Road, montana

Boasted as one of the world’s most scenic drives, it’s a tight, narrow road that winds its way through the Rocky Mountains of Montana, past impressive glaciers, and waterfalls cascading down the cliff face and onto the roadside. 

Located in the Glacier National Park, this 56-mile (90 km) stretch crosses the Continental Divide. Full of hairpin turns and tight twists, it passes through almost every type of terrain, ranging from pristine glacial lakes and cedar forests in the lower valleys to windswept alpine tundra up the top. Bighorn sheep and mountain goats are frequently seen grazing the steep slopes between Logan Pass and St. Mary.

Johnsons of St Mary Cabins

Saint Mary Village

Kalispell classic cars, The Korner Shop