Great roads to ride around sturgis and the black hills

Iron Mountain Road, US-16A

This infamous stretch of road winds its way for 27km (17miles) through the magnificent Black Hills of South Dakota. Snaking its way around the 1660 m (5445 ft) mountain summit with 314 curves, 14 switchbacks, 3 tunnels, and 3 pigtails that loop back over each other. The road takes you past the turnoff to the Mount Rushmore monument of the former presidents’ heads.

Needles Highway, SD-87

You can make a circuit of this 14-mile (22.5 km) stretch and return along Iron Mountain Road, which is full of pigtail twists, old bridges, and one-lane tunnels

Spearfish Canyon, US-14A

The US-14A that runs from Spearfish, down through Savoy and ends at Cheyenne Crossing.

Devils Tower, WY-110, Wyoming

This vast, flat-topped volcanic formation, looming more than 1,200 feet (366 m) above the plains, looks as if some giant bear has clawed grooves down its sides.

Hulett, Wyoming

They call it Wyoming Wednesday, and Hulett is the place to go. Somehow it got the name of “No Undies Wednesday.” The Ham and Jam festival has free roast pork sandwiches.

Vanocker Canyon Road

A great backroad that runs from Sturgis and takes you down into the Black Hills. 

Badlands National Park

Mount Rushmore, SD-244

Wander down through the Avenue of Flags and view the heads of the former US Presidents. 

Sculptors started carving these 18.28m (60 foot) heads in 1927.

crazy horse memorial

Work began on what is the world’s largest mountain carving in 1948, and it is still unfinished. The memorial is about 60 miles (100 km) from Sturgis and situated just off the US 385.


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